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Consent is not a magical fairy dust men can sprinkle on a sex act to excuse the inherently disgusting act of eroticizing violence and domination.

Feminism is not a magical fairy dust malcontents can sprinkle on their…

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A Feminist claims she can receive PTSD over “internet harassment”. Compares herself to War Veterans, then threatens to fire any Veteran calling her out on her claim. Upon video’s release, resorts to ignorance and name calling.

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Does anyone remember back when I argued with a guy about Men's Rights being a complete joke?


I was responded to with legitimate information about men who lost custody rights to unfit mothers, women who received light sentences for murdering children (when a man in that same position would have been sentenced to life), and other things that made me realize that, even…

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Went to see the Vagina Monologues for the first time tonight, it was great! 

Reminder that this play has a scene where a 13 year girl gets date raped by an adult women and instead of condemning it like a rational person, it treats it as a positive sexual experience with the girl referring to it as a “good rape.” In the revised play the girl is 16.

But muh rape culture and patriarchy and feminism though

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George Takei,

You rule. 

George Takei is a beautiful human being.

I love George Takei!

George Takei being amazing and mocking these sad, pathetic bigoted idiots in his glorious style

It is the best thing


I love George Takei :D

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Their so Fluffy! XD ~Wants to hug them~

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People respond to fossils in different ways.

I the pink one is what I see when I look at Fossils I am not ashamed to admit it. :3

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  1. Tumblr Feminists: Oh my god, Can you not? It's totally unnecessary for Wonder Woman to have her cleavage show in this comic, how misogynistic. And seriously, look how naked they had to get that girl for the ad, so oppressive. Look how all these oppressed women fit fascist beauty standards!
  2. Tumblr Feminists: OMG MISHA COLLINS IN UNDERWEAR UNF UNF UNF!!!!! oooh, look, a bunch of naked guys selling glasses, I'm buying! Oh my god, look at Hiddles, look at all the shirtless fit men!